(HOT) Airtel Users Get Unlimited 3k “#3,000” Voice Credit For Free 2017 Awoof


(Good Day) guys we all knows that it has been a while now since we enjoy any awoof from Our Nigeria networks providers today Airtel NG make me smile which I wish to share with all Our muzikplug wonderful fans and Lovely Daily viewers not to waste much time on this let us Rock the New Airtel Awoof  with the below intrusions; Continue reading


Google Reportedly Interested In Buying SoundCloud For $500 Million

Apple Music.  An acquisition by one of the streaming music giants seemed inevitable, but late last year Spotify bailed on plans to buy SoundCloud for a reported $1 billion due to the platform’s lack of profitability (among other things). However, SoundCloud may have a new suitor: digital giant Google. Continue reading

WhatsApp Introduces Snapchat-Like Camera Features

Users always come out as the obvious winner in the war between Snapchat and WhatsApp when it comes to introducing new features in these messaging and multimedia mobile applications.

To take on Snapchat, WhatsApp has introduced new stickers in its camera features that were first provided by Snapchat.

The announcement was first made on the WhatsApp blog. “Today we’re introducing new ways to customize and enhance the photos and videos you share with friends and family around the world. With WhatsApp’s new camera features, you can now write or draw on photos and videos, as well as add emoji to express yourself,” the post said.

So, how does this new feature works? When you capture a new photo or video or share one that’s already on your phone, you will automatically see the new editing tools. Whether you are drawing a heart to show how much you miss someone or adding your favorite emoji – sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. You can also add text too, and change the color and font style.

Further, the WhatsApp camera feature supports the front-facing flash so you can take the perfect selfie. In low light, this will brighten up your screen and improve the quality of your photo.(Also read: How Calling For Free Works On Reliance Jio) 

“We’ve also added a convenient zooming feature for recording videos – just slide your finger up and down to zoom in and out. And to quickly switch between front and rear facing cameras, double tap on the screen,” the post added.

According to the post, the new camera features have already been rolled out on Android phonesfrom October 3 and iPhone users will soon make use of it.

Following the popularity of Snapchat, social networking site Facebook has become more aggressive to devise ways to combat any rivalry. In fact, Facebook has started testing the ‘Messenger Day’ feature similar to the ‘Stories’ feature in Snapchat.

This feature has already been introduced in the Facebook owned Instagram. (Also read: Whatsapp Update: Now You Can Call Back And Send Voice Mail) 

Facebook has crossed the billion user mark globally in July 2016 while it also raced ahead of Snapchat in terms of DAU’s and MAU’s in Q2 2016. According to an analysis revealed by Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak, Facebook and Snapchat rivalry seems to hardly be the rivalry it was touted to be

Download Telegram V3.13 That Now Has Game Support On Android and iOS Devices

Telegram still remains one of the best messaging apps around even though many people are not aware or using it. The app packs so many features that even outscored WhatsApp messenger.

One of the latest additions to the Telegram version 3.13 app is the game support – which now lets you play so many different games on the app. You can also share interesting games with a friend to play with him while chatting. The live game bot, when activated makes Telegram more fun.This is made possible with the help of the new API, meaning that developers can now build HTML5 games into the app. “These can be simple 2D games that take a few hours to build from scratch or complex 3D titles. The cool thing is thatthe games are loaded on demand so they add nothing to the size of the app itself or take up any space on your phone.”

Yes the game supports multi-player mode as well as single player. You can play multiplayer games with a single person or with a group of friends. As you play the game, it saves the high score and youcan see how each of the players performed, and even get alerts whenever someone breaks the high score.


To start a game, simply type@gamebotin any chat and then the name of the game or just choose from the list. You need to be running the latest version of the app on your iOS or Android devices.


✔ For Android users,download Telegram v3.13 apk here

✔ For iOS users,download Telegram V3.13 for iPhone iTunes here

Telegram Now Has New Photo Editor, You Can Also Create Your Own GIF

​Telegram Messenger simply like whatever other social media application permits you to takea photograph and share it to your contacts inside the application. For some time, it was the fundamental experience until Telegram redesigned it to incorporate essential photograph editing features like the photo cropping, contrast, balck and white, difference, immersion and the preferences. That was not all as they reported 5 months prior the capacity to take moment photographs keeping in mind the end goal to catch that minute and it appears the organization is not done yet.

The organization has revealed a noteworthy moveup to the present picture editor we have on Telegram Messenger and it justified them to nameitPhoto Editor V2.0.In this upgrade, Telegram has made up for lost time with whatever is left of the informal organizations by including veils,drawings,stickersand content choices on the photo editor

After updating your telegram app to the latest version, when you take a photo within the telegram app, utilizing the camera catch on Telegram, you will be welcomed with a new and enhanced photo editing interface. The new addition is the brush symbol that dispatches the new elements coordinated into the photograph manager. 
When you tap on the emoji button, you will have the capacity to include masks which really utilize calculations to recognize your face and the typicalstickers to your photographs. Talking about masks, Telegram is giving them the same treatment as stickers as you can likewise transfer your own veils utilizing the stickers bot. The other component incorporates the capacity to include a content overlay your photographs or you can simply tap on the brush symbol to draw doodles over your photographs.
The other real element they took off is the capacity to make your own GIFs. As you probably are aware, GIF support has been actualized over the real stages and Telegram executed theirs in a truly cool manner. You will now have the capacity to make your own particular GIFs by recording a video then tapping the new quiet catch which will now share the video as a GIF. The other informal community that has made it simple to make their own particular GIFs is Tumblr and it is nothing unexpected since we credit them for making GIFs cool once more. 

NEW! How To Write and Draw On WhatsApp Photos And Videos

​WhatsApp has just added yet another set of features which now lets you write and draw on photos and videos that users share, as well as add emoji. You can recall thatTelegram rolled outthis same features seven days ago.

Well, below is the official statement about it from WhatsApp blogpost
“Today we’re introducing new ways to customize and enhance the photos and videos you share with friends and family around the world. 

With WhatsApp’s new camera features, you can now write or draw on photos and videos, as well as add emoji to express yourself.When you capture a new photo or video or share one that’s already on your phone, you’ll automatically see the new editing tools. 

Whether you’re drawing a big red heart to show how much you miss someone or adding your favorite emoji – sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. Try adding text too, and change the color and font style.

The WhatsApp camera feature now supports the front-facing flash so you can take the perfect selfie. In low light and at night, this will brighten upyour screen and improve the quality of your photo.We’ve also added a convenient zooming feature for recording videos – just slide your finger up and down to zoom in and out. 

And to quickly switch between front and rear facing cameras, double tap on the screen.These new camera features will be rolling out on Android phones starting today and on iPhone soon. We hope you enjoy these new features when you share your next photo or video.”  

BlackBerry To Stop Production Of Phones (See Why)

​BlackBerry announced Wednesday it would halt in-house production of smartphones, marking the end ofan era for the once-dominant Canadian tech firm.Ontario-based BlackBerry said it had reached a deal to outsource production of its phones to an Indonesian partner, and would instead concentrate on software and services.

Handsets with the BlackBerry name will be produced under license by PT Tiphone Mobile Indonesia Tbk, a statement by the firms said.BlackBerry, which a decade ago was among the world’s largest smartphone makers, has seen itsglobal market share slip to less than one percent as Apple and Android devices have dominated.

As the market shifted, BlackBerryhas sought to refocus on software, including security applications, and the latest announcement takes the company out of the handset market entirely.“We are reaching an inflection point with our strategy. Our financial foundation is strong, and our pivot to software is taking hold,” said chief executive John Chen, pointing to a doubling of software revenue in the last fiscal year.“The company plans to end all internal hardware development and will outsource that function to partners.

 This allows us to reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital.”The Waterloo, Ontario-based company has made several efforts in recent years to find new customer niches as its smartphone handset sales continued to stagnate in the face of competition.It had hoped its first Android-operating smartphone launched last year would help restore the company to its former glory.But sales were lackluster.

Earlier this year, BlackBerry announced it was killing off its Classic smartphone with a physical keyboard — once the workhorse of the smartphone market — as part of a modernization of its lineup.But the company has continued to bleed red, posting on Wednesday a US$372 million loss in its second quarter ending August 31.Revenues also fell to US$334 million, from US$490 million during the same period last year.

 The company did not report details on its smartphone shipments.– Rebooting BlackBerry –Some analysts praised the decision to get out of smartphone sales, at a time when the worldwide smartphone market has turned relatively flat.“The devices business has been a distraction for both BlackBerry and investors for a number of years now,” International Data Corporation analyst John Jackson told AFP.The end is “good news,” he said, noting an uptick in BlackBerry’s stock price in morning trading.Shares rose more than four percent to US$8.22 in New York at 11:00 am local time (1500 GMT).

 This price, however, remains far below a five-year high set in October 2011 of US$23.97.Originally known as Research in Motion, the company introduced its first internet-connected devices in the early 2000s, and earned a dedicated following of “CrackBerry” addicts.But its luster faded with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the large number of low-costs Android handsets that followed.

By moving out of hardware, BlackBerry can focus on its various business services such as messaging, cybersecurity and tracking connected devices.Jackson said the move “should help investors, BlackBerry customers, and the company itself focus squarely on the software and services business which is fiercely competitive in its own right, but also the business that BlackBerry has been in all along.”However analyst Michael Walkley at Canaccord Genuity said the new strategy has risks as well.“We believe the lowered focus onhardware could have an adverse impact on its installed base of loyal BlackBerry hardware customers, potentially switching to new software and security solutions on competing smartphones over time,” he said in a research

How to Make Sure Your Android Device Has the Latest Google Play Store Update

Android users know all too well how frustrating it can be for their Google Play Store to crash.

 When this happens, you can’t install any new apps or update any existing ones and be stuck with whatever you currently have on your device. 

Luckily, you can avoid this problem by making sure that you always have the most updated Google Play Store version. 
Here are two ways to do that.

  1. Make sure you’ve allowed Google Play Store to automatically update.

You might not have noticed it, but the Play Store frequently updates in the background. But you have to make sure your auto-update settings areturned on. 

To check if you have it turned on, open the Google Play store app, then tap your menu button. Go toSettings > General > Auto-update apps, then check Auto-update appsover Wi-Fi. Then make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  1. Force the Google Play Store to Update

Sometimes, there are bugs or glitches that prevent the Play Store from automatically updating on your Android device. 

That is why it is helpful if you can force your smartphone or tab to manually check if there is a recent updateand if you’re running it or not. Open the Google Play Store app, tap the menu button, go to Settings and select Build Number (found at the bottom of the list).

 You will then receive a prompt if there is any current update. And if there is one, it will eventually be downloaded onto your device. If there isn’t one, then you will be prompted that you are running the latest version.

If you still experience problems with the Play Store crashing or with the app’s updates not automatically installing, then try to manually install the latest version. 

WhatsApp Web Now Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry Users

There are new options for mobile device users to enjoy the same service over the browser when mobile data is not available.

Moreover, it can allow users to sync the current activity to a remote location such as a computer. So, all the conversations or files being shared from the mobile device will be shared as well over the PC.

Well, it’s not that complicated to use really. But, still here are some basic points that you can refer to if you want to install the WhatsApp Web on your devices.

Specific Browsers Only

Take note that you can use this app over your PC browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and limited others only. This is because it is specifically intended for browsers based on the Chromium update. So, some of the browsers might not work smoothly with this option.

Update WhatsApp to Latest Version

Another thing is that you have to update your WhatsApp to its latest version. This will ensure that all the new features will also work with this update. You simply have to download the latest version from the Google Play Store. Simply search for the WhatsApp keyword from the search bar and then tap on the first result.

Capture QR Code

After you have already updated to its latest version on your mobile device, you need to tap on the Menu and select WhatsApp Web. With this option activated, you can notice the camerawill turn on as well.

 For your reason, you have tocapture the QR code from the mobile app.So, if you are using Android and Windows OS, you simply have to go the WhatsApp menu and select WhatsApp Web. 

Also for the Blackberry users, you have to open WhatsApp and select chats then menu key and the WhatsApp Web finally. On the other hand, Nokia can also enjoy this simply by tapping in menu after opening WhatsApp and then tap on the WhatsApp Web

How To Boost Browsing And Download Speed Of MTN Free Browsing On Your Freedom

​The MTN free browsing tweak via your freedom is still working both on android and PC and here i will show you how to improve or boost the browsing and downloading speed of the tweak.

If you are currently rocking this free browsing, youwould agree with me that it’s actually slow especially when downloading and of course, i made mention of this when i initially released the tweak some days back.

So if you are still facing that slow poo, the solution to it is here. I will be very brief and straight to the point. Just follow below steps on your phone and PC respectively and you are good to go but before that, take this notice.

You must be registered on Your-freedom and have your username and password before applying this steps for it to work for you.


✔ Open the app on your phone

✔ After that, click onconfigure

✔ Then click onShop

✔ Now, just swipe your screen to the left , then yousee stuff like 1 hour trial for free click on free

✔ Finally, return back to the connection screen andclick on connect.

You will notice a significant increase in the connection speed up to 1mb per second

Remember, the speed drops drastically again afterone hour elapse but you can continue by repeating the above procedures again.


✔How To Register On Your Freedom VPN And Browse With MTN

✔ Launch Your-freedom software on your PC

✔ After that, click onconfigure

✔ Then click onAccount profile

✔ Now scroll down your screen, and you see something like try before you buy hourWhat you should do at this point is just select it and choose unlimited for one hour for free click onfree or purchase.

✔ Finally, return back to the connection screen by clicking status and click on connect Just as in the mobile version, you will notice a significant increase in the browsing and downloadspeed up to 1mb per secondor even unlimited. 

Also remember to carry out the same process once you notice an abnormal drop in speed.I hope this helps. 

Why not hit the SHARE buttons so that your friends will also enjoy this. Happy browsing everyone. 

Latest Free Browsing Via Your Freedom On Android and PC With MTN, Etisalat, Glo, Airtel

 Hey guys, this MTN free browsing tweak with Your-Freedom is currently working on PC but it’s too slow in downloading. So if you can endure or do away with the frustrating sluggish download experience, then follow the steps i will drop briefly here.

Your-freedom is an all-in-one VPN tunneling, firewall & proxy bypassing, anonymization and anti-censorship software and it’s one of the oldestapp/software for free browsing dating back in the days of Symbian OS devices and windows 7 and today it’s still working but not in the manner ournew VPN appsworks that’s probably the reason we forgot it easily. So am resurrecting the era of your-freedom free browsing on PC with this tweakhere on your MTN line.


✔ Your MTN line

✔ Your USB Modem

✔ Your Windows PC

✔ Your-freedom credentials

✔ Your-freedom software

*.GotoYour-freedom.dewith your web browser

*.Register and activate your account with them (if you haven’t registered before)

*.Take note of yourUsernameandPassword

*.After that, download the latest your-freedom software from their website.


*.Click On Configure

*.On Your-Freedom Server Address Tab Enter this XML server name =ems02.your-freedom.de or ems19.your-freedom.de

*.Then PORT:53

.*.Connection Mode Drop Dropdown ,=> DNS 
*.For Option Select And Tick , 1,3,7,6.

*.After setting up the above, just leave the rest as it is and move on to the next step.READ ALSO📖

✔Download Cloud VPN App For Free Browsing

Now Input Your Account Registration Info in Account Tab .. Your username and password

After that, click SAVEThat’s all for the configuration.

Now it’s time to connect your mtn modem using the default connection settings.

 Do just that and go back to Your freedom and click CONNECT. 

 Once it’s Connected, Configure Your Browser like below

:In Browser Address ::::

*.proxy address127.0.0.1


NOTE:I prefer Google Chrome browser for this as it’s better than others. My experience though. But all of them are very slow in downloading and fair in browsing.

Now you are good to go. Just enter any site of your choice and start browsing free via your freedom app.


You can browse free not only with your MTN line but other networks like Glo, Etisalat, Airtel and some major networks in Africa with the help of Your-freedom VPN for Android.The steps and settings are very easy to even a novice in the game. Just follow me along and you would be glad you did. (Smiles)


✔ Any network line with 0.0kb credit balance

✔ Your freedom vpn -download your freedom vpn apk android app here

✔ Leave your apn default.YOUR-FREEDOM VPN SERVERS AND HOW TO SET UPOnce you have downloaded the freedom vpn on your android mobile phone, launch it and follow the procedures below…

✔ Click on CONFIGURE at the bottom.

✔ Then click on CONNECTION.

✔ Now after that, in the Freedom server use ems02.your-freedom.de

 or if you need more stable servers kindly see more below;






Then in Tweaks kindly choose Nigeria MTN .

Then in Connection Mode chooseDNS.

Then in PORT insert53.

Finally, go back and click on START CONNECTION then immediately, it will start reading you can nowgo and browse as you like. Remember it’s slow but i have already provided a solution for the slow speed.


If you want to increase the speed of Your-freedom vpn, click Here and see the difference.