See The Upcoming Rapper Beefing Olamide, Falz & M.I


Twyse Ereme is a comedian famous for his very distinct video skits on Instagram.

He also plays all characters in his Twyse and friends comedy series on YouTube.
Twyse Ereme, the comedian who plays Taofeek the rapper who has a problem with Olamide, Falz and M.I

Social media has played an important part in bringing many unknown talents to the limelight and Twyse is one of the stars of Instagram.

In one of the his recent skits, he plays the role of Taofeek, an upcoming rapper who thinks superstar rappers Olamide, M.I Abaga, and Falz can’t hold a candle to his rapping skills.
Taofeek also says he does not know who popular rapper Iceprince is and Dremo , the rapper signed to Davido’s record label is his errand boy. After this, he was then played a beat and asked to freestyle. But for almost six minutes, Taofeek just mumbles and nods his head.


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