New York City Judge Sentences Bobby Shmurda to Seven Years in Prison


At a Manhattan courthouse this Wednesday morning, Bobby Shmurda —- real name Ackquille Pollard — was sentenced to seven years in prison. TheEast Flatbush rapper’s sentence follows a plea deal with
prosecutors, but he wants the world to know he was “forced” to take the sentence. “Take it back,” the rapper said aloud. “I don’t want the plea.” Shmurda’s attorney Alex Spiro requested Judge Abraham Clott for an adjournment on the sentencing, but the judge denied it and moved ahead with the pre-arranged agreement. As it stands, Bobby Shmurda will serve seven years in an upstate prison and have five years of post-release supervision following his arrest in December 2014 on conspiracy, gun and drug charges. Shmurda would’ve faced a 25-to-life prison sentence if he had gone to trial and was convicted. Upon sentencing, the judge also granted Shmurda a chance to speak on his behalf: “I was forced to take this sentence. I do not want to take this sentence.”

The judge just sentenced#BobbyShmurdato a total of 7 years in stTe prison for conspiracy and reckless endangerment

Jennifer Cunningham (@jhcunningham)October 19, 2016

#BobbyShmurda had an outbursting court: “I was forced to take this plea. I do not want to take this plea!”

— Jennifer Cunningham (@jhcunningham)October 19, 2016


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