WhatsApp Introduces Snapchat-Like Camera Features

Users always come out as the obvious winner in the war between Snapchat and WhatsApp when it comes to introducing new features in these messaging and multimedia mobile applications.

To take on Snapchat, WhatsApp has introduced new stickers in its camera features that were first provided by Snapchat.

The announcement was first made on the WhatsApp blog. “Today we’re introducing new ways to customize and enhance the photos and videos you share with friends and family around the world. With WhatsApp’s new camera features, you can now write or draw on photos and videos, as well as add emoji to express yourself,” the post said.

So, how does this new feature works? When you capture a new photo or video or share one that’s already on your phone, you will automatically see the new editing tools. Whether you are drawing a heart to show how much you miss someone or adding your favorite emoji – sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. You can also add text too, and change the color and font style.

Further, the WhatsApp camera feature supports the front-facing flash so you can take the perfect selfie. In low light, this will brighten up your screen and improve the quality of your photo.(Also read: How Calling For Free Works On Reliance Jio) 

“We’ve also added a convenient zooming feature for recording videos – just slide your finger up and down to zoom in and out. And to quickly switch between front and rear facing cameras, double tap on the screen,” the post added.

According to the post, the new camera features have already been rolled out on Android phonesfrom October 3 and iPhone users will soon make use of it.

Following the popularity of Snapchat, social networking site Facebook has become more aggressive to devise ways to combat any rivalry. In fact, Facebook has started testing the ‘Messenger Day’ feature similar to the ‘Stories’ feature in Snapchat.

This feature has already been introduced in the Facebook owned Instagram. (Also read: Whatsapp Update: Now You Can Call Back And Send Voice Mail) 

Facebook has crossed the billion user mark globally in July 2016 while it also raced ahead of Snapchat in terms of DAU’s and MAU’s in Q2 2016. According to an analysis revealed by Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak, Facebook and Snapchat rivalry seems to hardly be the rivalry it was touted to be


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