EXCLUSIVE: Kim Kardashian ‘Absolutely Traumatized’ After Paris Robbery, Not ‘Fully Able to ComprehendWhat Happened’

​Kim Kardashian is “still in shock” after she was woken up and robbed at gunpointinside the luxury apartmentshe was staying at in Paris, France, a source close to the reality star tells ET.The source says Kim is “absolutelytraumatized”by the burglaryand hasn’t been sleeping since it occurred. 

“When the incident happened, [Kim] was half asleep and was woken up so abruptly,” the source explains. “She was on little sleep to begin with since getting to Paris. She still hasn’t fully been able to comprehend what happened.”

According to the insider, “the concierge brought the men up into Kim’s bedroom” while she was in her bed wearing a robe. “She heardreally loud footsteps in the apartment coming up to the second floor, where she was sleeping,” the source claims. “She picked up her cell but wasn’t able to call[bodyguard] Pascal [Duvier]in time before one of the guys grabbed it out of her hand and she realized what was happening. It was absolutely horrific.

As for identifying the men, the source says Kim “didn’t get a look at any of the guys’ faces” because they were wearing black ski masksand gloves.”None of them spoke English, so she couldn’t communicate with them,” the source continues. “All she kept saying over and over is ‘I have kids. Take anything you want. Please don’t kill me. Please don’t kill me. 

While Kim was alone in her bedroom at the time of the burglary, she was apparently not alone in the apartment. Celebrity stylist and Kim’s longtime friend, Simone [Harouche], was in another bedroom in the suite of the residence.

Kim flew out of Paris on Monday morning, and was reunited with her family in New York City.Kanye West met her at the airport, and the source tells ET that she “spent the entire day” with her 3-year-old daughter, North, and her 9-month-old son, Saint. “She’s very emotional. The scariest part for her throughout this experience is the fact that it could have been a lot worse, and she couldn’t imagine what that would have been like for her children,” says thesource. “The kids have no idea what’s going on, thankfully.”
CBS Radio Newscorrespondent Elaine Cobbe confirmed on Monday that the burglarsstole onering estimated to be worth $4.5 millionand a jewelry box with another $6 million worth of items. The source tells ET that the ring was, in fact, the Lorraine Schwartz diamond accessory that Kanye recently purchased for Kim. In addition, six to eight other pieces were apparently stolen, along with her two phones.

“She was there for [Paris Fashion Week] appearances, so she had allher expensive jewelry with her,” thesource says. “The stolen jewelry is the last of her concerns right now.”

Since the incident,many celebrities have spoken out in defenseof Kim, whilesome Twitter users have accusedher of exaggerating the incident. “Besidesthe fact that it would not only be uncharacteristic of Kim to lie about something like this, she’d never put herself in this kind of danger,” the source notes. “They wouldn’t do something like this fora reality show. She was scared for her life.”
In a statement on Monday to ET, an E! spokesperson saidKeeping Up With the Kardashianswas not filmingat the time of the theft. “All of us at E! are incredibly thankful that Kim Kardashian West is safe, and we send her and her family our love and support,” the statement reads. “Keeping Up With the Kardashianswas not filming at the time of the robbery. Our focus right now is entirely on Kim’s well-being.”


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