​If You Want Regular Séx, Go To Allen Avenue – Kemi Olunloyo Blasts Linda Ikeji

It was popular blogger Linda Ikeji’s 36th birthday last week and controversial journalist and daughter of former governor, Kemi Olunloyo, has taken out time towrite Linda Ikeji a caustic birthday message.

In the open birthday message, Kemi Olunloyo revealedhow Linda Ikeji allegedly destroyed a number of celebrity marriages, including that of her niece. She also went ahead to claim that Linda Ikeji is 42 years ofage and not 36 as she claimed.

 Read the birthday message below:”

#hnnbirthday Happy 42nd birthday @officiallindaikeji (PART ONE)”Party’s over and everything is back to normal in the Linda Ikeji media office….or is it? 

Last week I tweeted things that obsessed Linda Ikeji fans needed to know about me and her warning them to stop comparing meto a blogger as I’m a Journalist. We are NOT in the same league.Most of her fans are illiterates anyway, female collegeprostitutes and in the 18-25yo age range. They think I’m jealous of her each time I expose her. 

Well this is MY BIRTHDAY MESSAGE to her.”Dear Linda, I saw your interview in Today’s Woman and your birthday Twitter video. Darling you are not 36yo and there is no reason to fool your fans. Age is nothing but a number.People who meet me think I am 35 when I’m actually 52.

 I look hat young. Your life is now catching up with you. There is KARMA now filtering in.– Linda what does it feel like telling a magazine you never got over Dan Foster?– How does it feel to be engaged to someone you loveand 3 weeks to the wedding it’s cancelled, wasting Aso Ebi, Cow money and even the venue deposit all gone. This is what you did to my niece Adeola Olunloyo.”Some people heard of this already in 2006 (Global Excellence and City People), 2013 on my Panadol headache audio which I attached below and also March 2016 in my Pulse TV interview exposing many celebrities including you.”Why do I stress so much on this sad incident? I am constantly watching how your life is going when two people are in love and a “model” ruins their wedding 3 weeks to the day and elderly family members keep asking you what or who a “model” is? You wrecked somany relationships in your lifetime.Uche Pedro (who forgave you) at Bella Naija vs D’Banj, Deola Olunloyo vs Dan Foster wedding in 2006and more.”Journalist and Professional Blogger Stella Dimoko Korkus told me every single relationship you wrecked and you know them, but nothing hurts more than ruining my niece’s wedding. 

So now you are telling theworld that you have blogged so much that you forgot your biological clock is ticking. You are now desperatefor “regular s*x” like you are some hoe. That can be easily achieved on Allen Avenue.”So now you are telling the world that you have blogged so much that you forgot your biological clockis ticking. You are now desperate for “regular s*x” like you are some hoe. 

That can be easily achieved on Allen Avenue or as a “Madam” in your Banana mansion. You want a man and a bunch of kids. Karmais now biting you. I’m enjoying my two successful adult children, loving motherhood and single and happy. 

I don’t need a husband, a husband need ME! Take my advice, at 42 yo, I don’t know how you are going to start a family instantly.”You may find a gold digger who wants to spend your money like the Maje Ayida and TeeBillz types. Just ask Toke Makinwa and Tiwa Savage who are now single lovely ladies. 

My advice to you young lady is notto rush shit and accept your mistakes. Deola Olunloyohas moved on, Dan Foster has a lovely family and you are alone, single and desperate telling your friends to introduce you to single guys. I was shocked reading this. Your fans kept silent about your desperation. 

They are illiterates anyway.”No guy is single in Nigeria these days Linda. You are gonna be the second, third wife or the mistress. Kneel down and ask God for forgiveness, Give Jennifer Aniston a call for advice and listen to my 2013 audio attached. Money can buy a Banana, Pear or Strawberry Island mansion but CANNOT buy a husband and kids. 

Good luck Linda, you have no blogger awards yet like Uche Pedro, Omojuwa and Ben Kiruthi. Hope u get that MAMA2016 award and a Happy 42nd birthday! Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo”


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